Hey, thEre! I'm Christa brown


And I love food. I know, I know! A dietitian is not “supposed” to love food but that is not true. I enjoy everything about my lifestyle and food choices. I can confidently tell you that you can have it all. My number one mission is to have others experience the same joy that I have around food, their body, and wellbeing. I’ve noticed over the years that stress, digestion, energy, and not knowing where to start have severely impacted the health and wellbeing of so many. These factors have prohibited many of my clients to feel their best and gain the confidence to feel good in their own skin.

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sometimes we compare ourselves to others

Have you been a victim of that? I know I have. The truth is, you are your own success story and your journey and experiences are unique to you, just like what your nutrition plan should be. There is so much clutter out there and you get information overload and what you get with me is a clear path. I help men and women reduce cravings, and keep weight loss and gut health simple so that you can live your best life.


You don't have to do it alone and that's why I'm here.


To guide and provide you with the next steps and hold you to your goals through check-ins.

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"Christa brings a cheerful and optimistic presence to every counseling session. Her character is warm and bubbly as if she is in your home guiding you through your wellness journey. Her systemic approach of getting all your health information prior to becoming one of her clients shows you the detail she is willing to learn of your overall health history. Your history is important to her to get an overall view of your health. Her scientific background in nutrition allows her to explain to me why my body does what it does under certain circumstances. She is able to explain scientific information to you if you do not have any knowledge of nutrition. Overall, she is amazing! And has helped me to become a goal-oriented person and improve my confidence that I can achieve my goals. By setting goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely this method has allowed me to achieve a few goals with my health and wellness journey."