Got Cravings? Top 3 Actions to Reducing Them!

Do you ever find yourself going through the grocery store and heading over to the bakery section all to find tantalizing treats that you MUST have? You know you shouldn’t really want those fresh-baked donuts and sugar-coated cookies but you can’t help yourself. You just CRAVE them… ALL THE TIME. You place them in your cart and simply can’t wait to eat them.

I’m sure you’ve experienced a stretch of time where for some reason you’re just craving high fat, high sugary treats but can never pin-point WHY. Well I have a secret for you!

You can REDUCE these cravings which ultimately will result in weight loss with these top 3 tips:

Number 01

Ask yourself the question how long did you sleep the night before? Did you know that a lack of sleep is linked to overeating especially those items that we most crave. The two hormones associated with hunger and eating are ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin stimulates hunger while leptin decreases it. When you’re sleep deprived ghrelin is knocked out of whack and rapidly raises causing you to crave after those foods you most desire. Therefore, do your best to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night and watch your cravings dwindle away.

Number 02

Protein. This dynamic powerhouse actually helps with satiety. Due to its complex composition, it digests more slowly. When you focus on high protein and fiber as part of your meals, the stomach will thank you and will send signals to your brain that it’s satisfied. High-quality protein sources include eggs, salmon, nuts and seeds, tofu and soy products, as well as chicken and even lean cuts of beef. If you need some more snacking inspiration to help you make nutrient-dense choices check out an article that I helped contribute to here.

Number 03

We often go throughout the day and forget to drink water. Water regulates body temperature, flushed body waste and even maintains blood pressure. A study found that when water was consumed before a meal it helped to reduce the amount of energy that was eaten at a meal. Try to aim for 11-15 cups per day but more never hurts! As a matter of fact if you just don’t want to drink water, I have a video that describes 5 other ways you can get water here.

When you combine all three of these tips to reduce cravings, you’re going to notice an increase in energy and inches lost off your waist! Try focusing on one tip at a time and work your way up. You’ll be happy you did!

If this resonates with you and you’re wondering how to take this into action, send me a note below and tell me what you need some help with! I’d love to learn more about you and where you want to go on your wellness journey!


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