How Stress Impacts Your Digestion and Why You’re Bloated!

Do you feel like your stress levels are just out of control? And even if you don’t feel the impacts of stress directly, you’ve had a lot of life changes recently and you just “feel” off.

Stress has now become inevitable. But have you noticed the following:

You’re more bloated? You have a decreased amount of energy? You are chronically in a brain fog? Did you know that your brain has a direct impact to your gut and visa versa? Stress happens and the body is designed to manage it but what happens when it isn’t doing it better? You get elevated cortisol levels which leads to a unhealthy inflammatory response taking place in your digestive tract. Now, you’re probably wondering well how can my brain all the way up here be the reason for the organs all the way down here in my digestive track? It’s called the brain-gut axis which means, they are both ‼️talking to each other no matter who starts the conversation. Now let me apply that. Remember when you got ready to speak in front of a crowd you got butterflies in your stomach? Or how about the time, you were ravenously hungry and your brain was like you need to eat NOW. So when you are stressed, your brain releases the stress hormone such as cortisol and adrenaline and your GI tract has receptors or what I call open doors for them to just waltz right in and wreak havoc in the room.

And that wreak, is causing an imbalance with the healthy bacteria. Foods and positive activities that can support your body during these stressful times and counteract this response can include:

The Top 3-Foods to Help Reduce Stress to Provide Nutrition to Your Gut to Improve Digestive Health:

· Foods rich in Omega-3 to reduce the inflammation such as salmon, mackeral cook with plant based oils (canola, olive, flaxseed), and even eggs

· Foods rich in Magnesium which manages the cortisol levels and can be found in pumpkin seeds, almonds, spinach and even dark chocolate (60-69% cacoa!)

· Do an activity for 30-60 minutes a day that you enjoy the most! You can even break up those times into 10-minutes each throughout the day. Personally, I love going for walks and putting in a hard work out that increasing my heart rate! Or cooking a homemade meal.

Now it’s your turn, apply to work with me, if this is your reality and want to stabilize the mood swings, bloating and stress to help you lose weight!